Dubai Industrial Gases

Dubai Industrial Gases

DIG is a part of Al Mana Group of Companies established in Sharjah in 2004. DIG is located in Sharjah Industrial area No. 17, Sharjah University Road (Off Emirates Ring Road).

At DIG, we place great value on our relationship with our customers. We are especially proud of the reliability and diligence of our highly qualified management and technical staff.

We have a complete dedicated technology and a commitment to continuously offer new cost-effective gas supply systems and innovative applications to all our customers, through which DIG will be geared to serve its clients well into the 21st century.

Mode of Supply

Our plant has a clean and safe environment. Our business is the manufacture and distribution of industrial gases including Nitrogen, Oxygen, Medical Oxygen, Argon, Carbondi-oxide, dissolved acetylene, ammonia, chlorine, Dry Ice, a broad range of specialty gases, medical gases high purity gases, gas mixtures and calibration gases. In addition, DIG supplies liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and C02 in vacuum insulated tanks.


Ultra-high purity gases of specialty gases (standard mixed-gases, chemical gases, electronic gases) are distrioc:2C by cylinders under pressure. Not only the high quality gaseous products DIG can supply the customer but Go sc DIG can supply high quality equipment related to gas cylinder.

Liquid Tank

DIG supplies liquefied gases to its customer. All customer station equipments are properly selected and conformed to international standard.

DIG has the facility to provide the following packaging

  • Jumbo Tubes
  • Vertical Storage Tanks
  • Cylinder Racks
  • Mobile Tankers
  • Proven Performance.

All these services are made available to our valued customers through a team of qualified sales and marketing professionals that adhere to the strictest of professional and ethical standards.