Engineering Rebar Factory

Engineering Rebar Factory

ERF is a production facility in Qatar for cutting and bending reinforced bars. It is wholly owned subsidiary of Engineering Building Materials Co.

With deeper knowledge and experience in productivity, supply and services, we have achieved a very high quality standard in the industry for three decades now in UAE and the Gulf Region. As a result of its continuous strive to expand and increase its portfolio of services to the construction industry in the GCC region, EBMC through its Qatar affiliate has expanded the line of business in the Cut and Bend Reinforcement Bars in Qatar, thus the birth of Engineering Rebar Factory.

Engineering Rebar Factory is manned by a team of highly qualified professional engineers with decades of experience to produce detailed reinforcement shop drawings and bar bending schedules with the use of modern sophisticated computer programs.

Our production line consists of a modern state-of- the-art and fully automatic machinery, capable of high rate production to meet customer needs and prompt delivery time. The machinery can perform a high capacity reaching up to 14,000 tons per month. We have adapted advance modern technology to supplement quality control systems to ensure our highest level of quality standard.

Moreover, we always emphasize on understanding our client's changing needs and ensuring that their investment requirements cope up with our appropriate strategies and up to date modern high technology.