MAZZRATY - National Group For Agricultural Products

Official Announcement of the Launch of Qatars first Fully Comprehensive Poultry Farm


Following the direction and vision of His Highness The Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, Mr. Hamad Mohamad Al Mana. Vice Chairman of Mohamad Al Hamad Al Mana Group, confirmed that the next period will witness an accelerated expansion into food and pharmaceutical products. This will facilitate the transition of Qatar to an independent and self-sufficient state that can prevail over all obstacles thrown its way. Mr. Hamad Mohamad Al Mana praised His Highness's speech and described it as all-inclusive in its content with regards to Qatars political, social, and economic aspects. He added that the speech laid the groundwork for the short- and long-term objectives of all public and private companies, as well as sparked motivation for joint efforts for expansions and sufficiency. In that framework, Mr. Hamad stated that National Group for Agricultural Products (NGA), owned by Mr. Mohamad Al Hamad Al Mana, is announcing the commencement of its Poultry Farm "Mazzraty". With most of the government licenses already issued, this project will be one of the largest poultry farms in Qatar operating over an area of 2 million square meters. The project will include a feed mill. hatcheries, and water and manure treatment facilities that are a first in their inclusiveness in the country The facilities aim to supply the local market with a significant share of fresh white meat requirement, and expand the options available for customers. Mr. Hamad asserted that the need for this kind of expansion is inevitable for Qatar to reduce its current reliance on imported sources. And the success of such projects should prove the fertility of the country's economy and Co its ability to grow. He added that the completion of this project could only see light with the extended efforts and support of the governsuci It and all its branches which has been the case already in the previous periods.

Securing the needs of the Qatari market with about 7 million birds annually

the project is estimated at 236 Million Qatar Riyal with a production capacity of 7 million kilograms a year; and a plan to double that production to 9 million kilograms a year eventually. These levels would be sufficient to cover 60% of Qatar's requirements of fresh chicken meat and table eggs making it a highly valuable project on a national