Quality Speciality Gases

Quality Speciality Gases

A new plant was commissioned in 2003. And within one year of commissioning, we obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. The plant has been constructed to produce high quality gas mixes by gravimetric techniques to customer requirements.

We can produce:

High purity Argon and Nitrogen:

a) Argon n5.0 TO n6.0
b) Nitrogen n5.0 TO -n6.0
c) Oxygen n5.0 TO n5.5

Max level of impurities (PPM):

Carbon Dioxide n4.5

Max level of impurities (PPM):
02 <= 10
THC <= 2
H2O <= 5
N2 <= 30
CO <= 2

  • Hydrogen up to n6.0
  • Acetylene 4.5
  • Diving gases
  • Breathing gases
  • Reactive mixes
  • Ultra pure synthetic air n5.5
  • Calibration gases
  • Medical gases
  • Welding gases

The plant has analytical facilities. Mixes can be analysed for any customer. We can even analyse the quality of air. All analysis results are traceable via cylinder number and computer records. We have all cylinder sizes available in our plant, from lecture bottles, 0.4 litre,1 litre up to 110 litres. All kinds of valves are also available, of both national and international standards. We can also fill customer-owned cylinders. All products are delivered to the customer for no extra charge.