Riyadh Oxygen Plant

Riyadh Oxygen Plant

Riyadh Oxygen Plant (ROP) was established in 1967 with limited production of Oxygen and Acetylene gases. As the industrial activities progressed, ROP updated the production facilities.

ROP is now one of the leading gas producers and distributors in the central region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our new plant facilities in Industrial City No. 2 can cater to all industrial and medical gases in bulk and in cylinders.

Our transportation fleet can deliver all gases on site. ROP also offers complete cylinder testing, maintenance and related facilities.

Cryogenic Tanks and Equipment

ROP can supply, install and maintain Cryogenic tanks of all sizes. All kinds of dewars for livestock, pathology blood plasma can be provided with back up supply of liquid nitrogen and other liquefied gases, vaporizers. Automatic manifold and central gas piping can also be designed and installed.

Medical Equipment

ROP stocks a complete range of medical gas regulators, accessories and high-pressure cylinders of sizes E, F and D. Complete service of valve and cylinder maintenance is available too. ROP can also undertake design and installation of hospitals, central gas piping system with air compressors, vacuum units, gas manifold, bulk oxygen storage tanks, outlet points, pendants and gas alarm systems.

Cylinder Testing Facilities

ROP has modern hydrostatic testing facilities for all high-pressure cylinders, which are required to pass a hydrostatic test periodically for sale operation. After hydrostatic testing, the cylinders meets the regulations and requirements will be stamped with dies and reused in the service of compressed gas. ROP extends these facilities to all customers using high-pressure cylinders.

Gas Welding and Cutting equipment

ROP has the most comprehensive stock of welding and cutting equipment. Gas welding and cutting sets with accessories from the popular brand i.e., victor, western, gas-arc gloor etc. are available ex-stock. A complete range of gas regulators, hoses and fittings are available. ROP also stocks rich varieties of welding electrodes, brazing rods and all kind of related flexes.

General Activities

  • All kinds of industrial and medical gases
  • Refrigerant gases
  • Gas mixtures and rear gases
  • Cryogenic containers and dewars
  • Bulk supply of liquid gases
  • Gas manifolds and distribution systems
  • Cryogenic storage tanks and tankers
  • Medical gas central piping system and accessories
  • Welding-cutting equipment and accessories
  • Welding electrodes and brazing rods
  • Supply of all kinds of low, medium and high pressure cylinders
  • Hydrostatic testing of high-pressure cylinders
  • Complete maintenance of gas cylinders

Please go through our website for further details: www.rop.com.sa