Star Line Blocks Factory

Star Line Blocks Factory

Established in the year 2001, Star Line Blocks Factory has become one of the leading manufacturers of concrete products in assorted colours, shapes and thickness, in Qatar. Our products are patently designed and manufactured in precise compliance, with the said norms and specifications to create a product that lasts long as well as carrying aesthetic attraction.

Our products are regularly tested for comprehensive strength, water absorption, abrasion resistance, tension strength and colour lasting by recognized laboratories in accordance with the international specifications. We receive positive test results from testing laboratories.

The quality of our management system products and services have been assessed and found to be in accordance with the requirement of quality standard and also we are totally complying to the environmental management system for manufacturing tiles and blocks.

Production Capacity

Our daily products are:

  • 136,000 Blocks of 8" Blocks
  • 240,000 Blocks of 6" Blocks
  • 294,000 Blocks of 4" Blocks
  • 6000 Meter Squared

Our Products

  1. 8" Hollow and Solid Block
  2. 6" Hollow and Solid Block
  3. 4" Hollow and Solid Block
  4. Interlock (All Shape and colours)
  5. Hurdy Blocks