United Design Industry

United Design Industry

Situated in the heart of the new industrial area, United Design Industry (UDI) was founded by the principals of Engineering Building Materials Company (EBMC). UDI was established to serve our customers in a rapidly growing market for finished wooden products. Our vision is to provide our clients with the finest carpentry product and services through high quality and design to add style and beauty to their living environment.

Our product line includes but not limited to kitchens, interior wooden doors, exterior wooden doors, hard wood flooring, wardrobes, cabinets and furniture.

At UDI, our team of skilled carpenters, joiners, designers and production engineers poses the skills and expertise to execute any major turnkey projects. Our capabilities enable us to handle any size projects in a timely and professionally manner.

Our main goal is to provide outstanding customer service and products of superior quality. We will always strive to be pioneers in our industry and in providing exceptional new designs to our customers.


  • UDI is expanding its product line with honesty and integrity to match all clients need in one reliable source.
  • To monitor the growing market demand and new construction projects; UDI continues to thrive with intense, providing a wide range of innovative carpentry and joinery high quality products, kitchens, interior and exterior doors, hard wood flooring, wardrobes, shutters, cabinets and any custom designed wood products.
  • To assist our clients in choosing the best match of their requirements by well skilled engineers, carpenters and joiners.
  • To establish and retain a close long term relationship for years to come built on mutual trust and loyalty.
  • To keep our employees up to date with the latest trends and most cutting edge designs positioning us as leader and innovators in our field.

Please go through our website for further details: www.udiqatar.com